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60s fashion is totally my thing and i love it and spend a lot of time defending it and i’m so bummed i can’t wear short skirts to work because it’s “inappropriate”. inappropriate because it might inconvenience a dude and that’s somehow important lol

I really enjoy the amount of circumlocution involved in telling women what they can and cannot wear when it basically comes down to this: 

"Excuse me, you can’t wear that skirt because I like looking at legs and I might want to look at your legs Idk you’re being problematic."

"You can’t wear that deep v-neck because wow you’ve got some double Ds and I like breasts and I might look at yours. Btw, make sure to wear a sports bra or something to keep them stationary because I might want to look at them more or else you could be fired thanks."

You know, I think guys in business suits can be super sexy and appealing, so I guess I should impose a “Wear Shitty Sweaters Only” mandate because Idk I might want to look at guys too much and become ~DISTRACTED~.

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    Omg that’s ridiculous. We have a couple of old guys that drive around town, and sometimes our school, just to pretty...
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    one day i wore a really cute red dress to work and this gross old dude hit on me which is pretty much par for the course...
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    #there are billions of women on this planet #so how about you spend less time putting sanctions on the way they look and...
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