Congratulations, Lindelof, you’ve decided to let history repeat itself. 

Star Trek was originally ignored and viewed as “trifling entertainment” by many die hard sci-fi fans (you know, H.G. Wells devotees and Asimovians), a base that was predominately male at the time. 

Why? Because an innumerable amount of women showed great interest in it, many of whom would write a good portion of the letters requesting that the show remain on the air for another season. 

It was seen as “less” not solely because of the plots, characters, or so forth, but because of the feminine appeal it had. Women “shouldn’t” enjoy a Wagon Train to the Stars, or anything action-packed or philosophical. So, obviously, something was clearly wrong with the show, and it did not deserve the distinction of being associated with the science fiction genre. (Of course, this opinion would undergo a slight decline as Trek’s popularity surged years later.)

Your statement is nothing more than an endorsement of the biased thinking these male sci-fi fans once embracedand still do: Women can’t enjoy anything that does not fit into the little cattle-yard of traditionally feminine interests (e.g., romantic romps, melodrama, etc). Therefore, the only way women can be drawn to something is if these “interests” are incorporated in some manner, or else they couldn’t possibly be intrigued!

This is Star Trek:  A fictional embodiment of just how exemplary our species could become. By saying what you’ve said, you’ve shown just how far we have to go, and how sullied our ideologies are. 

Women don’t abide by the “one-size-fits-all” standard society tends to force upon them. They’re diverse, and that diversity of the mind, as well as the body, should be acknowledged and respected.

…And if I’m ranting about an out-of-context quote then I apologize.

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